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Low vision

Low vision What is low vision? Low vision, or visual impairment, is due to a significant decrease in visual acuity or a reduction in the field of vision. The term low vision is used when this degradation limits the fulfillment of daily tasks. Anyone can suffer from low vision at any age, but elderly people ..
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What is amblyopia? Amblyopia, or “lazy eye”, is a gradual decrease in visual acuity due to a problem with either or both eyes’ development during childhood. There are two types of amblyopia: passive amblyopia: this is linked to ametropia, blurred vision which requires optical correction. active amblyopia: this is due to conflicting interpretations by the ..
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Strabismus What is strabismus? Strabismus is an eyesight disorder related to a defect in the parallelism of the visual axes due to a muscular imbalance. This disrupts the sensory and motor correspondence between the two eyes. Depending on the direction of distortion in the visual axes, the strabismus is either convergent,divergent or vertical. Strabismus in ..
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Presbyopia What is presbyopia? Presbyopia is not a visual defect but a natural change in vision which affects everyone. Over time the crystalline lens loses some of its suppleness and therefore its ability to bulge out and focus. The effects of this change are generally felt around the age of 40. Like a badly adjusted ..
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